Buy magic pipe vape

Buy magic pipe vape




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Buy magic pipe vape, MAGIC PIPE PRODUCTS OFFER A PREMIUM CONCENTRATE EXPERIENCE, From the finest extracts, Magic Pipe is one of the most potent and truly life-changing creations.  For our patients, not only do we want to provide the very best variety of aromatic flavors, but we want to provide a sophisticated c bold style.

Adding enormous appeal, our polished gold design is what makes Magic Pipe so unique. For your safety, all of our concentrates and products are tested and approved at SC Labs. We have a great passion for our craft and we wish to share our gift with the world!

Magic Pipe is a brand new vape line hitting the scene in California. In just a few months, they’ve touched on every point we could ask for in a good vape: excellent strains and flavors, beautiful branding, quality hardware, and most importantly, quality cannabis oil.

Magic Pipe is making a dent in the vape market with its amazing distillate cannabis oils. The line of Magic Pipe vapes started with cartridges and pre-filled disposable vapes. Their full line now includes pre-filled syringes and a nifty, variable voltage battery as well.

Each Magic Pipe disposable vape pen is filled with a half gram (500 mg) of premium cannabis oil. The vape pen provides convenience by combining both pre-filled cartridges with the battery. Each vape is metered to last you about 280 full hits.

Wedding Cake – Hybrid – 82.8% THC

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